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Our Network

PEMSEA continues to innovate and expand its various regional networks in support of the implementation of the SDS-SEA. Building on more than a decade of experience, in which individuals, organizations and public and private entities have been engaged in advancing knowledge and technology transfer, information exchange, and skills training, a number of new arrangements and networking approaches have been developed.

PEMSEA Network of Local Governments 

The PEMSEA Network of Local Governments (PNLG) for Sustainable Coastal Development is the first of its kind in the East Asian Seas region. It is a self-sustaining network of local governments implementing ICM programs. Local government members develop and implement ICM programs using the same framework and processes.

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Learning Centers

ICM Learning Centers are platforms for collaboration on ICM program development and implementation at the local level. ICM Learning Centers across the region provide technical assistance to various stakeholders and support capacity-building activities and other local ICM initiatives.

Regional Centers of Excellence

PEMSEA recognizes the value and expertise that research institutions can contribute to the sustainability of seas and coasts. Through the years, these internationally-recognized experts provide technical support in various projects and training workshops.