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Regional Centers of Excellence

PEMSEA's capacity development activities emphasize strengthening the coastal and ocean governance and sustainable use of the East Asian Seas. Over the years, PEMSEA has forged partnerships with internationally recognized research institutions in the region to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA).

PEMSEA Regional Centers of Excellence (RCOEs) contribute to the protection and improvement of the region's marine environment, particularly through the following: (1) providing expert advice on areas of competence; (2) coordinating and undertaking studies and/or projects, making research results available to participating countries and institutions; (3) training researchers from countries of the region; and (4) organizing regional training courses on areas of competence.

To date, PEMSEA has accredited three RCOEs in the region.

Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines (UP-MSI)

UP-MSI, named a PEMSEA RCOE in 2012, specializes in coral reef research and marine protected area (MPA) management. At present, UP-MSI works with MERIT on testing artificial mussel technology for metal monitoring in Manila Bay.

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

IGES shares our view that the broad challenges facing the region should be tackled in an integrated and intedisciplinary manner. PEMSEA cooperates with IGES on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI), Xiamen University

COMI is the RCOE for sustainable coastal development. COMI is the first comprehensive and innovative platform in Xiamen University (XMU) that integrates both natural and social science and promotes interdisciplinary research on sustainable coastal and ocean management and governance.