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Management & Secretariat

Aimee Gonzales
Executive Director

Aimee Gonzales has more than 20 years of experience in managing multicultural teams in the design and implementation of marine/fisheries strategies and public policy reform to mainstream environment in regulatory, planning and investment frameworks. Prior to joining PEMSEA, Ms. Gonzales held various posts at WWF International. The most recent was as Manager of the Marine Ecosystems Goods and Services, where she worked on evidence based economics and policy analysis on marine/fisheries issues. Her previous positions include Manager for EU Fisheries and Trade, Senior Policy Adviser for Trade and Investment and Coordinator of the Expert Panel on Trade and Sustainable Development. Before migrating to Switzerland, Aimee served as Head Executive Assistant to two Cabinet Secretaries of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Aimee holds a Masters in Environmental Assessment and Education from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Public Policy from National University of Singapore.


Won Bae Kim
Head of Planning and Partnership Development

Won Bae Kim has a long history of working on ocean-related issues within the administration of the Republic of Korea. Working across many areas, including conservation, marine policy, international cooperation, and port logistics, he has a comprehensive understanding of the way the ocean remains a critical and irreplacable part of modern economies and societies. His deep interest in sustainable development of the oceans is drawn from a desire to ensure that this connection to the ocean remains secure into the future. From 2016-2018 he took a career break to earn a Master of Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island.

Karen See
PRF Secretariat Coordinator

Karen See brings detailed experience in regional coastal work to PEMSEA. In Japan, she took part in fieldwork with Sophia University to conserve the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, Japan’s largest remaining wetland. In the Philippines, she served as a consultant in developing the country's portfolio under the Green Climate Fund (GCF), and as an environmental economist focused on the coastal and marine sector at the Philippines’ National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). She also volunteers her time as an external reviewer for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Karen graduated with a degree in management economics at the Ateneo de Manila University of the Philippines.

Mary Ann Dela Peña
Finance Specialist

Ms. Dela Pena is PEMSEA’s finance manager with a successful record on process analysis, financial controls, budget planning and auditing. She joined PEMSEA in 1996 and has been responsible for effectively leading the finance team to support the organization in meeting its goals and partners’ expectations. Mary Ann has experience in implementing the financial rules and practices implemented by UN agencies and PEMSEA country and non-country partners. Prior to joining PEMSEA, Mary Ann worked on projects with USAID and AusAID under the Philippine Center for Population and Development. 

Mary Ann is a CPA with a degree in Business Administration and Accountancy from the University of Manila. 


Nancy Bermas
Chief Technical Adviser and Project Manager, UNDP/GEF SDS-SEA Scaling-up Project

Ms. Bermas has extensive working experience in the region developing, implementing and scaling up ICM and supporting policies and programs at the national and local government levels. She is involved in the development and implementation of ICM capacity building programs at the regional, national and site levels, and provides advice and technical support to stakeholders in the application of ICM processes and tools. Nancy has researched and written extensively on ICM and has numerous published works on the sustainability issues of the seas and coasts. She has been part of the PEMSEA team for almost two decades.

Nancy holds a Masters Degree in Biology from the University of the Philippines. 


Handoko Adi Susanto
Project Manager for ATSEA2

Handoko has more than 15 years experience working with USAID projects and environmental NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, and RARE-Indonesia. He also spent a year at Conservation International as a marine management advisor and trainer for the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste on the Coral Triangle Support Partnership (USAID-CTSP) program. Handoko's area of expertise include integrated coastal management, planning and management of marine protected areas, policy development and stakeholder consultation, and community engagement.