Vacancy Announcements

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Regional Project Manager and Regional Biodiversity Specialist

PEMSEA is looking for a Regional Project Manager and a Regional Biodiversity Specialist for the ATSEA-2 project. This project is the second phase of the GEF-financed, UNDP-supported ATSEA program, and is designed to enhance regional collaboration and coordination in the Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS) region. ATSEA-2 will specifically focus on supporting the implementation of the endorsed strategic action program (SAP), a 10-year vision for the Arafura-Timor Seas with the long-term objective “to promote sustainable development of the Arafura-Timor Seas region to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants through restoration, conservation and sustainable management of marine-coastal ecosystems”. The GEF alternative establishes a regional governance mechanism that strengthens the enabling policies and capacities of institutions and individuals, including the integration of Papua New Guinea, resulting in a sustained transboundary response to over-exploited fisheries and increased pressures on the globally significant biodiversity in the ATS region, including the impacts of climate change. Integrated approaches are designed to incentivize local communities to more sustainably use coastal and marine resources, enhancing their own livelihoods while safeguarding the ecosystem goods and services that are the backbone of their socio-economic well-being.

Both positions will be based in Bali, Indonesia. The deadline for applications for both of these positions is 6 September 2019. More information, including the expected outputs and requirements for each position, can be found in the following documents: 

Regional Project Manager    Regional Biodiversity Specialist


Results Based Management Specialist

In addition to the above, PEMSEA is also looking for a Results Based Management Specialist for the ATSEA-2 project. Manager, the Regional Results Based Management (RBM) Specialist – a full time member of ATSEA-2’s Regional Program Management Unit (RPMU) – will be the main technical lead responsible for the effective planning, management and monitoring of ATSEA-2 activities related to policy harmonization and institutional capacity building across countries in the ATS region. This position will also be based in Bali. The deadline for application is 24 September 2019.

Results Based Management Specialist