Vacancy Announcements


External auditor

PEMSEA seeks an external auditor with experience in international auditing registered in the Philippines with international affiliation to audit the PEMSEA Resource Facility.

Interested parties are requested to contact PEMSEA as soon as possible. For more details, see TOR.


Consultant for the Development of the ATS SAP Monitoring System (ATSEA-2)

The ATSEA-2 Project seeks an individual to be responsible for developing a regional ATS SAP monitoring system with an accompanying reporting procedure, train key M&E personnel at the national and regional levels, guide the pilot testing and refinement of the monitoring system, present the system to the RSC for review and adoption, and develop an online platform for the approved monitoring and reporting system. 

The work is expected to take place between June 2022 and June 2023. The deadline for applications is 30 June. For more details, see the TOR.