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National State of Oceans and Coasts (SOC) Reports now available

To complement the actions of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, PEMSEA is pleased to announce that its National State of Oceans and Coasts (SOC) Reports are now available for downloading.

The SOC Reports show that the East Asian Seas region has made great progress in  promoting sustainable and inclusive ocean economy, particularly in  valuing  ocean assets, defining  blue economy (see the Changwon Declaration), protecting ocean health, addressing the ocean-climate nexus, improving ocean governance, and harnessing ocean finance, ocean science and innovative technologies.

The Reports also present key developments in emerging industries and innovations that see the EAS region transition away from a conventional economy in the ocean to a sustainable, inclusive and resilient blue economy. As a valuable monitoring tool, the SOC Reports recognize the efforts made by countries at the regional and national levels to assess and manage their coastal and ocean resources, and advocates partners and collaborators to periodically update the data, link the findings with their blue economy initiatives, as well as share the lessons learned in developing the SOCs through interagency and multisectoral processes.

The relevant documents can be accessed here:

National State of Oceans and Coast Reports
Cambodia Indonesia
Philippines RO Korea
Singapore Thailand
Blue Economy policy briefs
Fishing and agriculture Tuna fisheries
Renewable energy Shipping and ports