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Advisory and Project Services

Building on over 20 years of experience implementing integrated coastal management, PEMSEA provides a suite of Advisory and Project Services to help governments, development organizations, companies and other institutions to effectively and sustainably manage coastal and marine resources.  Through the right mix of science and management best practice, PEMSEA provides integrated solutions tailored to the needs of each organization, from policy and strategy development, through governance and scaling up implementation, to monitoring, assessment and State of the Coasts reporting.

  • Environmental Management including strategic planning, risk assessment, stakeholder engagement, management program development and implementation, impact assessment, monitoring and reporting
  • International Development including project design, execution, monitoring and evaluation
  • Marine Scientific Services including land- and sea-use zoning/marine spatial planning, economic valuation of ecosystem services, baseline assessments (governance; socioeconomic; environmental), and integrated environmental monitoring 
  • Resource and Habitat Protection, Restoration and Management including mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds and wetlands
  • Natural and Man-made Hazard Prevention and Management including risk/vulnerability assessment, response to climate change, oil and chemical spills, harmful algae blooms, flooding, landslides, extreme weather events
  • Food Security and Livelihood Management including sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and tourism
  • Pollution and Waste Management including nutrient loading and eutrophication, marine litter, urban garbage and hospital wastes 
  • Water Use and Supply Management including integrated river basin and coastal area management, and water conservation and supply management

With our regional network of technical experts from research and scientific institutions and years of experience working across different countries, PEMSEA is well equipped to address the needs of a variety of stakeholders in protecting and enhancing coastal and marine resources.