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Knowledge Services

PEMSEA has developed a comprehensive set of knowledge products and capacity development services focused on integrated coastal management (ICM) and port safety, health and environmental management (PSHEM), including:

  • Physical and electronic libraries with an extensive collection of coastal and ocean governance publications and thousands of titles covering ICM
  • Best practices, codes and guidelines for governance, management and State of the Coasts reporting
  • National and regional training workshops on a variety of topics including ICM, coastal-use zoning, marine spatial planning, vulnerability/risk assessment, ecosystem service valuation, ecosystem approach to fisheries management and integrated river basin and coastal area management
  • A regional network of learning centers, composed of thought leaders and marine scientists from prestigious academic institutions and research organizations, providing customized technical support and advice
  • Internships, fellowships, training-of-trainers and study tour programs

Seas of East Asia Knowledge Bank (SEAKB)

PEMSEA is developing the SEAKB to strengthen the practice of ​knowledge ​sharing across different ​projects and ​stakeholders ​working towards sustainable management​ of coastal areas across East Asia​. The SEAKB is an online platform for ​local governments, development projects, investors, ​planners, ​policy makers​, ICM experts​ ​and other stakeholders to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide support services and assist in development of investment-ready projects. Th​e platform and its services aim to ​​facilitate the transformation of ​ICM ​policies into​ successful project implementation and​ tangible investments.​ ​​The platform will include valuable resources for the entire ICM cycle, including:

1) An e-Library with resources, such as case studies, best practices and manuals

​2) Online tools, such as State of the Coasts reporting and investment-readiness assessments

3) Online directories and communities of practices for connecting with experts​

PEMSEA shared the Seas of East Asia Knowledge Bank with select local governments and development projects in early 2016. If you have investment projects that you would like to submit for inclusion on the platform, or if you would like to be considered to join a pilot, please contact rcardinal@pemsea.org.