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Companies and Investors

Globally, oceans support an estimated 3 to 5 trillion dollars of annual economic activity. Coastal and marine ecosystems are especially important in East Asia, with the ocean economy accounting for 15-20 percent of total GDP in some East Asian countries.

Industries that form the blue economy in the region including fisheries, shipping, coastal tourism and marine-based oil & gas are highly dependent on the health and resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems. For example:

  • Eight of the top fifteen fish producing countries in the world are in East Asia, with exports valued at USD136 billion.
  • Five of the top six shipping economies and nine of the top ten busiest container ports are all located in East Asia.
  • Eighty percent of tourism globally taking place in coastal areas, and East Asia has over 227,000km of coastline. Foreign visitors to the region spent USD334billion last year.

Impacts from marine pollution and unsustainable fishing to sea level rise and extreme weather can affect the bottom line of these industries. Through sound management of their coastal and marine resources and operations, companies can reduce their risks, improve performance and generate new opportunities.

With over 20 years of experience in the region, PEMSEA helps companies navigate complex coastal and marine sustainable development issues through its Advisory Services, including development of coastal strategy, marine environmental project services, policy and governance integration and coastal sustainability reporting. Companies can tap into PEMSEA’s vast experience through training and Knowledge Services and an extensive library of publications, along with a network of regional Centers of Excellence, ICM Learning Centers and industry-focused technical support from several partner organizations.

With ocean-based industries impacted by the activities of other industries, effective solutions require an integrated approach that links multiple industries with proper governance at the local and national level. Companies can engage with other industry leaders and government officials at the East Asian Seas Congress, the largest gathering of key stakeholders in coastal management and sustainable seas in region. Through the East Asian Seas Sustainable Business Network, companies can explore opportunities for investment and gain recognition as a leader in sustainable development of coasts and oceans.

PEMSEA welcomes the opportunity to engage companies in our growing network and provide solutions for improved competitiveness in the Blue Economy.