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SDCA Framework

The development of the Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas (SDCA) framework, stemming from more than 25 years of practical experience in the ICM application in East Asia, covers a system of governance and several specific management systems critical to achieving the overall goals of sustainable development.

The SDCA addresses specific components, identifies essential aspects and implements a reporting system for assessment.


The ICM framework has become a very useful guide for national and local governments to promote sustainable development initiatives and programs. Key areas of competence addressed in the governance component of the framework include: 

  • Policy, Strategies and Action Plans
  • Institutional Arrangements
  • Legislation
  • Information and Public Awareness
  • Financing Mechanisms
  • Capacity Development

Sustainable Development Aspects

The framework identifies five essential aspects of sustainable development of coastal and marine areas and their corresponding management regimes, which represent one or more priorities of local governments depending on environmental conditions within their respective areas of jurisdiction, as follows:

  • Natural and Human-Made Disaster Prevention and Response Management
  • Natural Coastal Habitat Protection, Restoration and Management
  • Water use and Supply Management
  • Pollution and Waste Reduction Management
  • Food Security and Livelihood Management