Cavite, Philippines

Cavite became an ICM site in 2004. The ICM program initially covered 8 coastal municipalities and one city spanning its 85 km coastline. ICM Councils and ICM coordinators have been established and designated, respectively in Cavite’s 9 coastal towns. Since 2004, local government officials and relevant stakeholders have participated in PEMSEA’s ICM and specialized training program. The ICM program has provided a framework and process for Cavite to strengthen coastal governance as well as the implementation of management programs to address the threats and challenges of uncontrolled development, land conversion, pollution from industrial, commercial and residential areas, illegal fishing and a growing population. ICM program activities included the development of long term strategy, information management, awareness raising and mobilizing stakeholders’ support, development of coastal use zoning plan to address multiple use conflicts, marine protected areas management, implementation of oil spill contingency plan and rehabilitation of major river systems.