Quang Nam, Viet Nam

Quang Nam was designated as an ICM site in 2004 in support of the central government’s policy to strengthen the management of the coastal and marine areas of least developed provinces in the country. The province has 125 km of coastline, which is threatened by habitat alteration, pollution from infrastructure development, sand mining, reduction of ground water level, and saltwater intrusion from unregulated aquaculture and shrimp farming. The ICM program has facilitated the development of a long-term strategy. Programs are being implemented in collaboration with various partners, such as the Danish International Development Agency and Wetlands Alliance, in addressing climate change impacts and disaster risk reduction, sustainable water resources management, biodiversity and coastal habitat conservation, marine protected areas management in Cu Lao Cham Islands and improvement and enhancement of livelihood of coastal communities. Quang Nam has benefited from various ICM and specialized training to increase its capacity in ICM implementation.