Quanzhou, China

Quanzhou Municipality, with a population of 7.86 million and coastline of 427km, is characterized as a city of coastal industry, tourism and trade. There are two large rivers, Jinjiang river and Luojiang river, entering Quanzhou Bay. Ocean-based economic activities, contributing to about 9% of GDP, has increased with annual average growth rate of 14%, and the Quanzhou Port is in the third place in Fujian Province in terms of handling capacity. Quanzhou Municipality is making efforts to strengthen the legal and institutional capacity for integrated coastal and marine management such as the establishment of a coordinating mechanism, sea are functional zoning, and formulation of a marine economic development plan (2003-2010). Priority concerns include industrial pollution, changes in hydrodynamic condition in the bay due to marine reclamation and port construction, over exploitation of marine resources, illegal sand mining, and red-tides. Through the development of an ICM program, the municipality is aiming at improving the understanding of political leaders, formalizing the existing coordinating mechanism through legislation, improving investment effectiveness, and reducing conflicts between development and environmental protection.