Sedone River, Lao PDR

Spanning the Seking, Salavane and Champasak provinces, the Sedone Rivers is one of 12 major river basins in the country. The Sedone River runs for 1,574km in Southern Lao and has five main tributaries and 18 sub-basins. A lifeblood of about 690,000 people, Sedone River supports various socioeconomic activities including coffee plantations, hydropower generation, tourism and agriculture.

The Sedone Integrated River Basin Management Project (SIRBMP) is the first project in Southern Lao that promotes an interprovincial and multisectoral approach to manage the resources in Sedone. It is a collaborative effort among the three provinces, the Department of Water Resources and PEMSEA. The SIRBMP is providing capacity development in rapid appraisal, river basin strategy development, information management and other activities designed to strengthen capacity of the Project Management Team. The intergovernmental Project Steering Committee (PSC) provides policy direction and recommendations to the SIRBMP. The Project Coordinating Office in Champasak serves as Secretariat to the PSC.