Wenchang, China

The focus area of the Wenchang ICM program is Qinglan Bay. The bay borders six towns, home to more than 520,000 residents. The bay has been heavily used for fishery and aquaculture and has a potential for port development. Two rivers Wenchang river and Wenjiao river, enter the bay carrying land-based pollution. A mangrove forest with a variety of species as well as coral reef and sea grass habitats characterize the ecology of the bay. Through the UNDP Project on Capacity Building for Integrated Coastal Management in Northern South China Sea," an integrated marine management coordination committee was set up. Currently, Wenchang city is designated by State Ocean Administration as a marine use management demonstration site, and a marine functional zoning plan was prepared. Key concerns to coastal management include discharge of untreated wastewater, adverse impacts of intensive aquaculture activities, and changes in the hydrological condition of the bay due to coastal land reclamation. Lack of detailed implementing measures of Law of Sea Use Management, limited financial resources, weak enforcement capacity, and lack of adequate information management system were identified as barriers to improving existing management efforts.