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Blue Economy Bulletin August 2020

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Monday, August 31, 2020
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Only Available Online

Welcome to the August 2020 Blue Economy Bulletin. This month the East Asian Seas Partnership Council confirmed that 37.9% of the region's coastline is now covered by an integrated coastal management (ICM) program. ICM provides a holistic framework for sustainable coastal development, and contributes greatly to the development of a blue economy. Encouraged by this milestone, PEMSEA continues to adapt its work through the pandemic period, and has expanded its partnerships to strengthen its work on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, reduction of marine pollution, and capacity building of new coastal leaders in the region.

The pandemic has brought significant challenges to coastal communities. Interruptions to plastic supply chain operations have impacted the livelihoods of many actors, especially informal waste pickers. Contamination has been found on seafood, and demand for seafood exports has decreased. The overall impact of the crisis has moved Earth Overshoot day by three weeks. However, many local leaders are taking action to mitigate these issues in coastal cities.

Follow the latest updates on blue economy and coastal sustainable development in East Asia on Facebook and Twitter (@PEMSEA). We welcome your feedback, and please let us know if there are other blue economy topics you would like to see in future newsletters and programs.

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