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Second State of the Coasts of Guimaras Province

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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The Second State of the Coasts of Guimaras Province covers the period of 2010-2017.This report is the output of the collaborative effort of the following stakeholders: national government agencies, provincial and municipal governments, non-government organizations, academe and civil society organizations. This report was able to capture evidences that showed significant improvements in environmental governance and management practices of the province. Of the 14 indicators of governance, 12 showed positive progress, i.e., shift from baseline status to improving status and 2 indicators showed discernible changes but are not quite eligible to be shifted to improving status. For the 21 indicators on aspects of sustainable development, 12 indicators showed positive progress; improvements in 4 indicators are discernible but also are not quite eligible to be shifted to improving status while 5 indicators need further improvement. None of the 35 indicators showed deteriorating status.

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