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New PEMSEA Project Managers

The PEMSEA Resource Facility (PRF) is pleased to announce the hiring of  two  Regional Project Managers to the PEMSEA team. With a wealth of experience in integrated coastal management (ICM) and other facets of coastal and ocean sustainability, they will lead new transboundary  projects that will operationalize the concepts of 'source to sea' approach, 'integrated river basin management' and 'circular economy' and help improve the sustainability of our shared seas in the next five to six years.

Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) Project: Nancy Bermas

Nancy Bermas is no stranger to managing transboundary and interdisciplinary projects promoting integrated management approaches and strategic partnerships in the East Asian seas region. She used to manage the 8 country, multi-year UNDP/GEF/PEMSEA Scaling Up Implementation of Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia in 2019 and was a critical part in transforming PEMSEA from a regional pollution project to become an international organization with its own legal personality.

Nancy is also an experienced professional in the field of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM). With nearly two decades in developing, implementing and scaling up ICM initiatives, as well as supporting policy and program development for both national and local government, she is an expert in the diverse applications of ICM across different geographies and societies. She has worked on the development and implementation of ICM capacity building programs at various levels in the region. Nancy has conducted significant research and written extensively on ICM and has a number of published works on the sustainability of seas and coasts. She holds a Master's degree in Biology from the University of the Philippines.


Reducing Marine Plastics in the East Asian Seas Region: Won-Tae Shin

Dr. Shin has developed over 15 years of experience in ocean and coastal management. He specializes in marine litter response and management, marine protected area management, and the sustainable blue economy. Prior to assuming his position as the Regional Project Manager, Dr. Shin has worked for various international organizations such as UNEP, UNDP, and UNOPS, as well as research institutes on coastal and ocean issues, as a consultant. He has also served as an environmental officer at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of the Government of the Republic of Korea. Dr. Shin received his PhD degree in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.