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Local Contributions to Global Sustainable Development Agenda : Case Studies in Integrated Coastal Management in the East Asian Seas Region

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Monday, November 12, 2018
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The 25th Anniversary publication of Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) highlights the sustainable coastal development efforts of PEMSEA partners over the past quarter century. The multi-sector, interdisciplinary approach applied in the design and implementation of integrated coastal management (ICM) programs in East Asia has generated a wealth of knowledge and experiences in policy and functional integration that cut across coastal use sectors, disciplines, levels of government, and stakeholders, as well as spatial and temporal scales.

This 566-page publication seeks to provide the reader with:

  • A comprehensive discussion of the ICM system backed by 47 case studies;
  • A series of case studies written by local leaders, managers and practitioners, natural and social scientists, academicians, private sector, and partners from nongovernment organizations;
  • Good practices and lessons learned to support replication and scaling up of ICM in the region; and
  • An operational modality that other regions of the world can consider adopting and applying.

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00 Preliminary Pages
01 Introduction
02 The ICM System: Development and Evolution
03 Roles of the Key Elements of Governance in Integrated Coastal Management Practice
04 The Effective Role of Dongying Interagency Coordinating Mechanism for Implementing Integrated Coastal Management Program
05 Integrated Coastal Management Coordinating Mechanism for Da Nang City
06 Institutional Mechanisms for Integrating River Basin Management and Integrated Coastal Management: Xiamen/Jiulong River Experience
07 Strengthening Coastal Governance through the Application of Integrated Coastal Management-related Legislations
08 Systematic Process of Data and Information Gathering and Sharing
09 Harnessing the Power of an Informed Public for Coastal Management
10 Promoting Effective Information Management through Academic Partnership: the Case of Batangas Province, Philippines
11 Financing Mechanisms and Economic Instruments to Leverage ICM Program Implementation and Sustainability: Experience from Xiamen and Batangas
12 The Building and Maintaining a Critical Mass of ICM Practitioners and Leaders at the Local Level
13 The Application of the ICM Cycle for the Development and Implementation of ICM Program: Usefulness of the Process, Challenges, Constraints, and Lessons Learned
14 Integrating ICM into the Planning Process of Local Governments
15 Leveraging Public-Private Sector Partnerships in ICM through Corporate Social Responsibility
16 Private Sector Participation in Addressing Sustainable Development Challenges in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand
17 Engaging Civil Society Organizations in Sustainable Development of Coastal and Marine Areas through the Application of Integrated Coastal Management System
18 Expanding Green Spaces for a Healthier City: Pilot Model of Urban Greening in Da Nang City, Viet Nam
19 Ecotourism Development in Basyaw Cove (Guimaras, Philippines) by a People’s Organization in Cooperation with Development Partners
20 Enhancing Accountability in Environmental Governance through the State of the Coasts Reporting System
21 The Benefits of Establishing and Sustaining the Batangas Environment Laboratory in Batangas Province, Philippines
22 Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Mitigation in Da Nang, Viet Nam
23 Enhancing the Preparedness and Response to Oil Spills in Bohai Sea: Dongying Experience
24 Protecting the Green Turtle through Integrated Coastal Management
25 Innovative Coral Reef Restoration through Public and Private Sector Partnership in Chonburi, Thailand
26 Coral Restoration and Conservation in Serangan Island, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia: Turning Coral Miners into Conservation Advocates
27 Harmonizing Spiritual and Economic Uses of Gangga Beach in Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia through ICM Approaches
28 Beach Management and Coastal Tourism Development in Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra Districts of Da Nang City, Viet Nam
29 Enhancing Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas through Networking and Implementation of the “Ecological Red-line” Policy
30 Integrated River Basin Management at the Local Level: Experience from Houay Champi Sub-basin, Lao PDR
31 Securing the Drinking Water Supply for the Growing Population of Xiamen City, PR China
32 Safeguarding the Vulnerable Communities of Xiamen’s Western Sea Areas
33 Community-based Crab Conservation in Chonburi, Thailand: Engaging Local Fishers and Communities in Marine Conservation
34 The Club of Coastal Community for Sustainable Development of Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
35 Beach Management in Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia for Sustainable Tourism
36 Strengthening Capacities for Marine Conservation and Livelihood Development in Timor-Leste
37 Protecting and Sustaining the Ecological Functions of the Inshore Fish Spawning Grounds in the Yellow River Delta
38 Transforming Pond Culture Practices in Dongying (PR China) to Reduce Environmental Degradation and to Achieve Sustainability
39 Improving Sanitation through Community-based Solid Waste Management: Experiences in Lao PDR and Cambodia
40 Implementation of the Port Safety, Health, and Environmental Management System at Bangkok and Laem Chabang Ports
41 ICM System Certification: a Process for Recognition, Inquiry, and Internal Dialogue
42 Integrated Urban Coastal Management: the Singapore Model
43 Achieving Integrated Coastal Management Scaling Up throughout the Coastline of Selangor, Malaysia
44 Strengthening Local Capacity for ICM Implementation and Scaling Up in Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
45 Integrated Coastal Management Implementation and Scaling Up in Chonburi Province, Thailand
46 Innovative Scientific and Technological Support System for Coastal Management in Xiamen, PR China
47 Reducing Use Conflicts through Marine Functional Zoning
48 Marine Protected Area Networking in the Center of the World’s Marine Shorefish Biodiversity Abundance: Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor
49 A Gazetted Integrated Coastal Use Zoning Plan for the State of Selangor, Malaysia
50 A Functional Integrated Coastal Management System towards Achieving Sustainable Development Objectives
51 Index

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