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Blue Economy Bulletin April 2023

Publication Date: 
Friday, April 28, 2023
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Only Available Online

Welcome to the April 2023 Blue Economy Bulletin. This edition highlights significant progress towards sustainable ocean management in the East Asian seas. This year, PEMSEA celebrates its 30th anniversary, and looks back on its evolution since 1993. Progress continues today and we welcome the adoption by Timor-Leste of a National Oceans Policy, a significant policy that along with ICM programming and national state of ocean and coasts report, provide a solid foundation for future investments in the country.

The IRBM project has released its Inception Report, outlining the expected strategy to improve river basin management in ASEAN. The Ecological Solid Waste Management Project funded by Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc. shares the successes of Barangays San Jose and Bernardo Pulido in managing solid waste, especially plastic. The ATSEA-2 project has released its first newsletter of this year, which covers significant work towards securing sustainable fisheries, marine protected areas, and coastal management in the Arafura and Timor Seas.

In other news, the importance of fishing to the region is highlighted as climate change shifts Japanese fish stocks, China seeks to develop its aquaculture industry, and the demand for sustainable fish feed grows. Fishing subsidies are causing dispute at the WTO. Another ocean industry, deep-sea mining, has caused similar international disagreement.

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