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Blue Economy Bulletin February 2023

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
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Only Available Online

Welcome to the February 2023 Blue Economy bulletin. With the ocean policy community coming together for the Our Ocean Conference in Panama on 2-3 March 2023, PEMSEA is pleased to present exciting and new projects that will facilitate the implementation of UN SDGs in the EAS region. The Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) project has been officially launched, beginning a multi-country co-operative project to improve sustainability in Southeast Asia's rivers. This project will build off previous work, including the Ecological Solid Waste Management project in Cavite, which is coming to a successful conclusion.

Globally, the impact of climate change on the economy is increasing. Rising temperatures are affecting those engaged in aquaculture and wild fisheries in Indonesia. The UN expects further coastal population displacement. Work to address climate change is thus crucial, and is ongoing. A trilateral meeting of East Asian countries saw discussion on how to reach net zero. Research is ongoing into managing aquaculture emissions, and combining renewable energy with carbon sequestration.

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