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Manila Bay: Refined Risk Assessment

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Monday, March 1, 2004
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This report presents the findings and outcome of the refined risk assessment of Manila Bay which was undertaken by an inter-agency, multidisciplinary Technical Working Group (TWG) created by PEMSEA and DENR-MBEMP. The report was based to a large extent on the document, "Manila Bay: Initial Risk Assessment" which was published by PEMSEA and DENR in April 2001. The refined risk assessment aims to review the initial risk assessment of Manila Bay in order to determine if there are other new additional data which could be included and to examine the effect of such new or additional data on the conclusions and recommendations made during the initial risk assessment; identify sources of and activities that contribute to pollution in the bay; evaluate the impacts of pollutants in Manila Bay on human and ecological targets and identify those pollutants that should be given priority in risk management or remediation programs; recommend measures to reduce or eliminate identified risks of significance to the bay; identify data gaps in the refined risk assessment of Manila Bay that need to be addressed and uncertainties that need to be verified through monitoring and research/studies that generate primary data; and strengthen local capability of and collaboration among agencies and institutions that can play significant roles in the long-term management of Manila Bay.

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