East Asian Seas Congress

The East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress is a triennial event that serves as an intellectual marketplace and forum on the sustainable development of the seas and coasts in the region and beyond. It provides an ocean-focused forum for knowledge sharing, collaborative action, and partnership building. Since 2003, the EAS Congress has been drawing over 1,000 participants including national and local government officials, policymakers, scientists, NGOs, funding institutions, companies, investors and academia, the EAS Congress provides a platform for ministerial and high-level technical discussions along with opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking between different sectors. 

The EAS Congress consists of a Ministerial Forum, international Conference, Environmental Exhibition, Youth Forum, and field visits to learn about sustainable coastal management in the East Asian Seas region.

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  • EAS 2024

    Blue Synergy for a Shared Future: One Sustainable and Resilient Ocean

  • EAS 2021

    Charting a New Decade of HOPE (Healthy Ocean, People, and Economies)

  • EAS 2018

    25 Years of Partnerships for Healthy Oceans, People and Economies: Moving as One with the Global Ocean Agenda

  • EAS 2015

    Global Targets Local Benefits - Setting the Sustainable Development Agenda For the Seas Of East Asia Beyond 2015

  • EAS 2012

    Building a Blue Economy: Strategy, Opportunities, and Partnerships in the Seas of East Asia.

  • EAS 2009

    Partnerships at Work: Local Implementation and Good Practices

  • EAS 2006

    The 2nd Ministerial Forum was conducted in Haikou City from 14 to 15 December 2006.

  • EAS 2003

    On December 12, 2003, the Ministerial Forum at the East Asian Seas Congress 2003 adopted the Putrajaya Declaration for the Sustainable Development of the Seas of East Asia.