ICM Professional Certification

Recognizing the complexity of coastal management, PEMSEA is offering an experience-based certification program for ICM professionals who have been working on coastal and ocean governance and management. The certification program confers recognition to professionals who can demonstrate competencies on ecosystem-based sustainability and leadership frameworks; and who are willing to undergo professional growth towards integrative, collaborative coastal and ocean governance.

The ICM professional certification program promotes high standards of competence, professional growth, and ethical conduct in the practice of integrated coastal and ocean governance, directly supporting the commitments made by the countries in the implementation Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA).

The certification recognizes that an ICM professional has met predetermined qualifications demonstrated by education, experience and knowledge. A certification is conferred to an individual who can demonstrate competencies and fulfilment of the criteria in:

  • Coastal and marine ecosystem governance and management
  • Leadership in a multi-disciplinary working environment

Three Levels of recognition are available: Proficient ICM Professional, Effective ICM Professional, Expert ICM Professional. The levels of recognition are aligned to the three levels of certification of the ICM System. They are assessed on the competencies for sustainable governance, leadership frameworks and the demonstration of competencies by way of “implementation”.