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Ocean Yearbook 34

Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Publication Type: 
Only Available Online

The recent publication "Local Contributions to Global Sustainable Development Agenda: Case Studies in Integrated Coastal Management in the East Asian Seas Region" is a milestone in dedicated regional efforts to developing, testing, and implementing integrated coastal management (ICM) in several countries of the East Asian Seas region (hereafter the EAS region).

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Viet Nam is one of the founding participants in the PEMSEA project, and has become an example of integrating integrated coastal management (ICM) throughout different levels of policy and practice.


RO Korea joined PEMSEA in 1994. It has become a lead partner in areas such as biofouling and marine plastic pollution.

Japan joined PEMSEA in 2002, and has become closely involved in a number of PEMSEA networks, and participates in bilateral and mutilateral forums.