PEMSEA Network of Learning Centers (PNLC)

PEMSEA established the PEMSEA Network of Learning Centers (PNLC) in 2015 during the 5th East Asian Seas Congress in Da Nang, Viet Nam. The Network was formalized through the signing of the PNLC Charter, which set the rules on membership and operations of the PNLC, during the virtual 7th East Asian Seas Congress in 2021.

The formation of PNLC is part of PEMSEA’s commitment build the capacities of local, national, and regional practitioners in coastal and marine resource management to help them implement the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA)

PNLC consists of PEMSEA Learning Centers and Regional Centers of Excellence (RCOEs). As a consortium of higher education and research institutes, it provides academic training, extension services, policy advice, and other forms of technical assistance and capacity-building on coastal and marine management.  

PNLC members are higher education institutions (HEIs) that have the institutional capacity and track record to provide academic degree programs and other means of capacity development, research, and technical advisory services on sustainable coastal and marine resource development. RCOEs are either HEIs or research institutions that may or may not offer academic degree programs but have received recognition of high distinction from their national governments for exemplary performance in capacity development, research, and technical advisory services on sustainable coastal and marine resource development. 

On July 2023 during the 15th Partnership Council Meeting, PEMSEA signed an Memorandum of Agreement with the IPB University as its permanent secretariat. 

PNLC Executive Committee

Dr. Yonvitner 
President, PNLC 
Director, CCMRS, IPB University

Dr. Yonvitner is the President of PNLC and the Director of CCMRS at IPB University in Indonesia, with expertise in integrated coastal management, fisheries management, and marine resource management. He has held numerous leadership roles within IPB University and has actively participated in national and subnational working groups and projects related to coastal management, seafood ecolabelling, and maritime investments. With a Ph.D. in coastal resources management and extensive research experience, Dr. Yonvitner contributes to the field through his work on marine pollution, fisheries biology, population dynamics, and coastal resource management.


Dr. Fang Qinhua 
Vice President, PNLC 
Deputy Secretary General, PNLG Secretariat 
Deputy Director, COMI, XMU, China

Reelected for a second term, Dr. Fang is concurrently the Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat of the PEMSEA Network of Local Governments. 

He has also been engaged in various national/subnational projects and research in environmental impact assessment, marine policy, and ecosystem service assessment. His research interests include marine science and policy, marine spatial planning, and environmental systems assessment.

He has a PhD and post-doctoral degree in marine affairs from Xiamen University and was a visiting scholar at the Center for Ocean Policy of the University of Delaware (USA) and a visiting fellow at PEMSEA.

PNLC Membership

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